Why People Love Air Frying

Why People Love Air Frying

If you came here looking for 43 reasons why people love air fryers, unfortunately, you’ve arrived at a sensible, non-sensational blog post. Here are 6 legitimate real reasons why air fryers love air frying.

  1. Reduced cooking time.
  2. Reduced heat in the kitchen (compared to using a conventional oven).
  3. Crispy foods without the need to deep fry.
  4. A convenient way to cook/bake/”fry”/grill smaller portions of food without the need for a larger conventional oven.
  5. To heat up food as an alternative to a microwave.
  6. Reduced electricity bill where oven is electric not gas.

There you have 6 very good reasons why people love to air fry.


Bonus reason: Portability: Air fryers are easily transportable to take on holidays, including camping, glamping, holiday-housing, caravanning, motorhoming and visiting your in-laws. I’ve done it, I know people who done it, and I bet you’re thinking of where you can take your air fryer too. Bon voyage.

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